Trail Sketching

Last week I headed 600 km north to spend 5 days in Killarney Provincial Park. It’s a great time of year to camp up north as there aren’t a lot of bugs out, there aren’t as many people around as in summer, and the fall colours are incredible. With days full of hiking, canoeing, and trying to keep warm (plus the early autumn sunsets), there wasn’t much time for art but I did manage to do some rough, super quick, pen and water colour sketches.

Killarney quick sketch autumn birch

Killarney quick sketch plants


Killarney quick sketch George Lake


Killarney Trees

I just returned from a trip to Killarney Provincial Park. It’s really lovely there this time of year. This was my second trip to the park and I wanted to do as much hiking as I could. I managed to complete 5 trails in 3 days. I tried to take as many pictures as I could whilst there to work from later. I haven’t started working with any from this trip but I’ve up loaded a scan of a drawing I completed from a photo I took the last time I was there. I’m currently painting a street-scape as well as a portrait but as soon as I’m finished with those I’m looking forward to sourcing the pictures from both of my trips.   This drawing was made using pigment ink liners on a heavy cold press water colour paper. The pigment ink and texture of the paper create an effect that’s reminiscent of an etched print. Killarney Trees