Studio Bits and Bobs

My rechargeable batteries for my Canon camera have bit the dust so I’ve used my printer scanner to upload some of these images. 

This is a pigment sketch I completed in 2013. I never really liked it (scale was weird- angles were off) so it was the perfect piece to mess around with.

Crowing FloralI decided to add some colour and texture. It was an improvement. But… I hadn’t bothered to secure the paper to keep it from wrinkling when it got wet so it was pretty lumpy. I tried spraying it and weighing it down, several times, but it didn’t work. I had some paper tape that’s normally used for printmaking with rag paper so I thought “what the hey” and soaked the paper and hung it up. Of course the sketch was drawn on cheap sketchbook paper which doesn’t react like print paper and the whole thing became even more of a mess with the glue soaking through the thin paper. I ended up throwing the drawing into the sink, giving it a good rinse, and wiping off as much of the glue as I could. As you can see below it finally ripped and the brown glue stain never came out. All in all I think it was a positive exercise as I learned quite a bit about the limits and characteristics of some of my materials.

Learning exercise

Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit stale I try to doodle my way out of it. I’ve never done anything with the little drawings…until now. I had some small canvases (they don’t look it here but red and blue are 5″ x 7″, the yellow is 8″ x 8″) that weren’t ear marked for anything and decided to take the doodles one step further.   I like how they turned out. They’re just simple little images not really located anywhere. I’m looking forward to completing more and seeing where they go.




Crow Study

It’s the beginning of autumn in the part of the world where I live.  During this time we see large flocks of crows (a flock is sometimes referred to as a “murder of crows”) passing through heading south. I’m going to be incorporating some crow imagery into a portrait piece and I thought it would be a good idea to do a rough study to figure things out a bit. I found it particularly helpful for mixing colours as I wanted to get away from using Ivory or Mars Black. I felt that the black created by combining Viridian and Alizarin Crimson gave me a richer tone to work with.

Study- American Crows


There are times when a project I’m working on seems to slow down. There may be a dozen reasons why or not even one but either way an impasse has been reached. When that happens I try to push forward by working on something else. My current untitled series has hit one of those road blocks. My second interpretation was to consist of a triptych (the image divided onto 3 canvases). I’ve started but things are a little “off”. I decided to work on a couple of small companion pieces instead. The female figure is based on a photograph of an historic interpreter I came across in a newspaper several years ago. The male figure is based on a photograph I took several years ago at a period museum re enactment event. I felt they would be good companion pieces as they reflected differences and similarities (agriculture, season, gender, period interpretation). The canvases are 5 x7 so it was a fun little project on the side. I worked for a number of years in the hand painted gift ware sector, mass producing folk art for the retail market. In small pieces I often see a reflection of those techniques. It’s not a purposeful act…more of a muscle memory thing perhaps.

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