Painted Phone Case

I thought my phone case could use a little dressing up so I added a belted kingfisher. It looks a little odd when opened up and laid flat. Closed it works as 2 images with the bird on the front and its habitat on the back. The case has a sealed finish so it doesn’t lend itself to this kind of process. I did add a layer of varnish but the act of opening and closing the phone case regularly means this decorative detail won’t last very long. I have a tendency to paint random objects on a whim.  Permanency isn’t factored in as it’s just for fun.


  1. Excellent idea!!

    In my youth we would paint the clear bodywork of radio-controlled cars from the inside so that the outside would be very glossy and also the paint wouldn’t scratch off when you have that inevitable contact.

    It was kind of tricky because you had to remember to paint the details first and then the body colour afterwards. I have thought about doing something similar with a clear phone case I’ve got – just for fun.

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      1. Thank you – hope all is well with you as well. My website isn’t well… I transferred providers and in the process lost all my followers, so I’m almost back to square one. Figuring that dilemma out…

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