Painting on Found Objects – Barn Owl Saw

It’s common to find old implements at yard sales and second hand stores in my area. They can be oil covered or rusty so prep work is required before they can be painted. I bought this saw from a second hand charity shop. It was rusty so I sanded it and applied a coat of Tremclad rust primer to create a sealed base coat. The barn owl is painted in acrylic. It’s a bit stylized which I think is a good approach for a found object painting. To finish I applied a spray coat of Krylon varnish to the blade to protect the painting from scratches. I left the handle alone as I like the worn condition left from actual use. It’s a bit of an odd object to photograph so I opted to hang it on plant hook in my back yard to get a full length picture. I’ve included a closer look below as well with a bit less of the background.




  1. This is really neat, I like it.

    What made you think of choosing to paint an owl on it? Did it pop into your head when you first saw the saw (so to speak)?

    I’ve seen acrylic paintings on circular saws before at the local county fare, there is a market for those for sure – it’s an interesting artwork for sure.

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    1. I tend to do things in threes. I’ve recently drawn an owl in pen and ink on paper (Great Horned Owl – B&W), painted another on a textured piece of aged wood flooring (juvenile Great Grey Owl – limited earth toned palette), and now this last one on a tool used to cut wood (Barn Owl – combined cool and warm limited palette). The drawing, the flooring painting, and now this implement piece have been an exploration. Beginning with a static image relating that exploration through a linear environment moving onto an interpretation that attempts to establish a context through a relationship paralleled to the environmental (wood as related to owls in nature – habitat) and finally placing the subject in a rural and environmental context via a tool used for wood possibly in areas that owls would inhabit (habitat and interaction between species in question and people – Barn Owl – Barn – tools).

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