Inktober 2018 – Sketch Selection 1 – 3

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. I didn’t make the whole 30 days but an attempt was made. I chose to use an 8 inch by 5.5 inch sketchbook. The sketches were completed using Staedler pigment liners and a Pigma brush pen. I’m still on my first brush pen and I’m enjoying the opportunity to make a broader variety of marks in comparison to the finer tipped pigment liners.

I’ve been experimenting with my printer scanning function trying to create digital copies that are true to the originals. I’m not entirely there yet. All three of these images were scanned using document scan settings (two in B&W and one in colour) instead of photo scan settings. You can see a marked difference in how the printer records the information. The document settings result in less “noise” so the whites are a truer white (not so much a textured grey). There is some loss of mid-tones using the B&W document copy settings. The colour document copy settings accentuate the brush pen marks making them appear more distinct than in the original piece but the colours are closer to that original. I did add watercolour to the third sketch so I don’t know if it truly follows the Inktober parameters. The composition wasn’t going to work without it and I didn’t have any coloured pens.


  1. Great drawings and useful observation on the scanning technique. I particularly like the middle one, the last one is a bit Van Gogh-esque.

    I haven’t got a scanner at the moment (must sort that out) but I do remember picking “photo” mode thinking it might give the best possible image but every time I’d then spend a long while trying to correct the image to make it look like the source.

    I should have at least experimented with the other settings as it probably would’ve saved me some effort there.

    Any other medium, along with ink, is definitely acceptable for Inktober – probably half of mine had watercolour “fillings”.



    1. Staying true to the original is a bit of a go for sure. I’ve had this printer/scanner for about a year now and it’s nowhere near the quality of the last one I owned. I’ve been trying different settings with my camera as well. I have an old Canon 400D XTi. I’ve found the light quality and balance (the temperature and cast of light bulbs- yikes) can throw even the AWB off. I have considered making a light box that might help for small images but larger paintings would be whole other ball game.
      I did notice that some of your drawings (all very well articulated by the way) included colour so it’s good to know I’m not the only one! Cheers.



  2. If you use a Waacom Tablet you can either “Trace” your Art. Or better Create your Art using the Pen!! This might make it easier to Print the way you want with Less Noise.
    This will also give you the option of changing colors right there.
    Scanning always has given us problems.
    The easier way might be taking a Picture using a Camera and then Importing that into Photoshop for Editing.
    Great Work!! Hope this gives you ideas…..

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    1. I am very interested in trying a tablet for sketching. I think it might be more forgiving than traditional materials. I do use my camera for larger paintings and constructs. But honestly I’m not happy with the results for the most part. It probably doesn’t help that the camera’s over 10 years old and has seen a LOT of rough travel. I have been contemplating building a light box to limit factors that affect the white balance and stream line the determination of other variables. It would be nice to not feel like I’m starting from scratch every single time I photograph a piece. Thanks for the feedback Mark! Cheers.



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