Sketchbook Selections September 2017

I’m continuing to enjoy the addition of water colour to my drawings. There’s obviously a bit of a learning curve but that’s part of the journey. Here are a couple of my latest renderings.

Pigment pen and water colour

Pigment pen and water colour


      1. I enjoy reading your work Matt. It’s interesting to witness the process of you narrowing in on your voice as an author. The strongest pieces for me illustrate an authenticity that communicates a complete layered moment or concept. Often it’s something that feels familiar either because I’ve actually experienced it or because you’ve expressed it in a manner that made me feel as if I might have.


      2. Thank you. Living with honesty and truth is incredibly important to me. Especially as a new father, husband. I try to extend that into my writing. Thank you for the feedback. I think one of the reasons I enjoy your art is because when I was a child I would sit and watch my older brother draw. I didn’t have any ability to draw, but he did. It did something to me, the watching, I think it developed something within me that I can’t put down into words. But am happy that I experienced it. There are two artists that I follow that seem to have that affect on me. You and paintingpoppy. I hope you have a good Sunday. Matt.

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