Milkweed Autumn

This portrait is acrylic on a 2 foot by 3 foot medium rough canvas. The canvas presented a problem as it already had the roughing in for another piece which didn’t get very far. If you’ve ever worked with canvas you know that it can be very difficult to completely eradicate any under painting. I didn’t want to trash the canvas (it was gallery wrapped so it wasn’t cheap). I opted to sand out as much texture as I could and put down 2 layers of opaque undercoat. Finally I incorporated a bit of the spatial characteristics of the original paint sketch to negate any issues that might arise from the canvas having a prior partial life.

Rosa at the field's edge



  1. It is a relatively large portrait so the details must really stand out on the actual piece, viewed up close. I miss seeing cotton buds in their natural state. This was a great reminder. x



    1. The milkweed does look a bit like cotton. =) The details are quite a bit clearer on the actual piece-when I shoot a large canvas I often have to edit the jpeg with a camera distortion filter which can result in a bit of blur. One of the crops that regularly rotates in the field behind my house is corn and the milkweed grows along the field’s perimeter so every third season I can walk at the yard’s edge and see them together.

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