West Lorne Street Front- Study

W. Lorne Study

I live in a rural area with many communities that have suffered due to economic changes. As a result you don’t have to look hard to find those changes reflected on the small town main streets. I’ve been working with this study on and off for awhile now and since I began someone has started to restore these buildings. It’s great news for the community (but a little problematic for me as I realized about halfway through I wished I’d taken more resource photos- oops 😉 ).


  1. Hi Lori – what a beautiful tribute to your towns Main Street. Your painting portrays the towns long life and character. Great project.



  2. Good to see small towns remembered this way. Love the painting. The rural community where I was raised is on similar hard times. Almost all the stores are gone, most of the small farms have disappeared, and “Land For Sale” signs are plentiful and weathered.



    1. Thanks for the feedback on the painting Mike. I’m so glad you like it.
      It is definitely getting more common to see these small farming communities closing down. You’ve got to farm big if you’re going to make it and even then you need the market, the weather, and luck on your side. Most of the young people migrate out to the larger city centres to go to school and/or find jobs, and they often don’t come back. It really is a shame but it’s just the way things go.



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