Logo Process

A friend of mine recently opened a theatre company. He was looking for someone to put together a logo for him. An upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 8 has resulted in all my old image editing software no longer being available for me to use  as most of it is no longer compatible with the updated OS. I was still able to create something for him using Microsoft Word ( I can’t even find the words to express how much I miss my old computer!!). His requirements were fairly simple in that he didn’t like shading, it wasn’t to be overly ornamental, and he wanted something that illustrated the company name. I did a couple of really quick sketches and then built a rough mock up. Using that basic build  I put together around 20 to 30 variations and sent them off to him for approval.

mockupThis was the original build. You can see it’s made by simply overlapping shapes.From that starting point I was able to create a number of compositions- such as these 3 below.

Mockup4 mockupb





Here’s the one he chose to use for the banner of his company’s premier production.


It’s pretty simple but it met his immediate need. This might not be his final decision but for a MS Word build it doesn’t look too bad.


I still had those rough sketches that I started with and rather than toss them in the trash I fleshed them out into a finished pigment drawing…booksketch



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