Killarney Trees

I just returned from a trip to Killarney Provincial Park. It’s really lovely there this time of year. This was my second trip to the park and I wanted to do as much hiking as I could. I managed to complete 5 trails in 3 days. I tried to take as many pictures as I could whilst there to work from later. I haven’t started working with any from this trip but I’ve up loaded a scan of a drawing I completed from a photo I took the last time I was there. I’m currently painting a street-scape as well as a portrait but as soon as I’m finished with those I’m looking forward to sourcing the pictures from both of my trips.   This drawing was made using pigment ink liners on a heavy cold press water colour paper. The pigment ink and texture of the paper create an effect that’s reminiscent of an etched print. Killarney Trees