Sketch Book Selections


Almost everywhere that I go I carry a small or medium sized sketchbook, pencils, sharpener and an eraser with me. When I find myself with a bit of time to kill, say at the doctor’s office or on a plane, I pass the time by sketching. I have a number of sketchbooks that I use but I have one in particular that I’ve been returning to, on and off, since 1997. It’s almost full and looking pretty battered. The edges of the pages have gotten dirty and bent from the book being carried around. It didn’t start out that way, as you’ll see, but for some reason it eventually became the book I drew birds in. The sketches  range from quick studies to more developed explorations.  90% of the drawings are finished with pigment or ink pens. There’s something about working with ink that I find very satisfying. I’ve included drawings from the beginning, middle and “almost” end of the book.  The subject matter for the sketches includes real life, photos I have taken or print pictures (one sketch is based on a painting I completed that was inspired by a print photo I liked). I have included a picture of a sketch I’m currently working on. I saw a beautiful bird at the New Orleans Zoo and whilst on the plane ride home I passed the time by drawing a picture of the bird in my sketchbook.