There are times when a project I’m working on seems to slow down. There may be a dozen reasons why or not even one but either way an impasse has been reached. When that happens I try to push forward by working on something else. My current untitled series has hit one of those road blocks. My second interpretation was to consist of a triptych (the image divided onto 3 canvases). I’ve started but things are a little “off”. I decided to work on a couple of small companion pieces instead. The female figure is based on a photograph of an historic interpreter I came across in a newspaper several years ago. The male figure is based on a photograph I took several years ago at a period museum re enactment event. I felt they would be good companion pieces as they reflected differences and similarities (agriculture, season, gender, period interpretation). The canvases are 5 x7 so it was a fun little project on the side. I worked for a number of years in the hand painted gift ware sector, mass producing folk art for the retail market. In small pieces I often see a reflection of those techniques. It’s not a purposeful act…more of a muscle memory thing perhaps.

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