Untitled Series First Interpretation

For my first interpretation I chose pigment and ink on cotton rag paper (Arches cold press). I began with pigment liners but found they didn’t give the depth I required. I wanted to recreate an etching aesthetic without  the plate and the press (another reason I chose the Arches cold press as it was similar to paper I had used before for etching- just a little heavier). Mixing pen and ink with the pigment liner was a clearer realization of the proposed process. The drawing is a section of the original photograph concentrating on the buildings. Rather than creating a texture-less sky as depicted in the original photo I chose rough crosshatching to communicate both the gloom of the impeding storm as well as the chaos of the wind that swept it in.

Untitled Series Started

I am currently working on a series based on a photograph that I shot in October of 2008. A recent change in circumstances has afforded me the opportunity to devote some time to non commissioned pieces and I wanted to work with something a little different from my usual fare. I decided to interpret the image in 3 ways to better communicate the scope of the subject matter which was the onset of a storm above a distant complex of drive sheds. I’ve posted the original photograph below. I have a very serviceable Canon Rebel xTi that has survived some pretty hairy treatment (I actually dropped it off a cliff side in Killarney Provincial Park and though scarred by the fall it still worked and does to this day). Living 5 minutes from the Lake Erie shoreline the sudden fierce storm is a common backdrop to our days any time of year.